Regional Government Alliances

We build custom made projects for each region based on their Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization. We understand their potential and identify the key partner cities or regions in order to build the alliances that will generate trustworthy projects.

1- Market research and technical advisory
2- Strategy definition and implementation
3- Political & Economical missions
4- Project launching


Coming from the Basque Country well known all around the world for being the land of the workers cooperative, where Mondragon leads the industrial workers cooperatives, it is one of our main working areas. We build cooperative relationships and promote the Basque Cooperative Model in order to promote the coop2coop business relationships.

Learning Journey's to Mondragon
Basque Cooperative System Advisory
Youth Cooperative Empowerment
Workers Cooperative Workshops


Startups are the companies of the future, many times startups do not have the time nor the structure to open and explore new markets. Therefore we identify potential startups in Europe and in Japan and support them in their internationalization strategy for identifying business opportunities in new markets. We have also supported the creation of living-labs such as for La Ocean Tech in Japan, for ocean technology related startups.

Market research and partner/client identification in EU or Japan
Market introdcution startegy & marketing plan
Investor Identification and Negociations.
Support and Consulting.

Small and Medium Enterprises

SME’s in search of new markets in order to promote their products or services are also one of our target. We support them in order to build a structured strategy

Market Diagnosis
Partner / Customer identification and verification.
Market Representation
Direct trading company JAM Global Trading (JGT) to import export goods.