Tuesday April 2nd, 2019

The Basque Cluster of Technologies and Telecommunications assigned JAM Global the task of identifying a potential partner for the La Ocean Tech network where they hold the Vice Presidency. JAM Global successfully identified and managed the relationships between Aalto International and GAIA. Thanks to this efforts on the 2nd of April 2019, Aalto International signed the agreement with La Ocean Tech , creating a new association ‘Ocean Teach Japan’. The members of Ocean Tech Japan includes Mariko Fukui (Founder of Aalto International) and Jon Ander Musatadi Larrucea (Founder of JAM Global) of the Ocean Teach Japan, the two are now the Founder & Director of Partnerships, and the Basque Representative, respectively. 

Ocean Tech Japan will be based in Shonan and Kyoto, focusing on ocean environment & clean tech, marine sports & tourism, safety & disaster prevention. It will be supporting the expansion of ocean tech companies internationally through network events, international supports, partnerships, and market experiments. 

Ocean Tech Japan plans to start organising networking events by the end of this year, and introducing Japanese member companies to international audiences and launching startup fundings by the end of 2020.