In JAM Global, our mission since the beginning has been to connect the city of Hiroshima in Japan with Gernika in the Basque Country, strengthening peace connections and exploring future educational and socio-economic projects. After many years working hand-in-hand with municipalities and government bodies in both cities, on April 29th, 2018 the Mayor of Hiroshima, Mr. Kazumi Matsui, and the Secretary General of Mayors for Peace, Mr. Hasuyoshi Komizo, visited the Basque Country.

During the visit the Mayor of Hiroshima visited the Gernika Peace Museum, and had a reception in the City Hall, where he was received by the Mayor of Gernika and the city councilors. The Mayor was then received in the Biscay Parliament by the Parliament President and the Governor, where they discussed economic relations between Hiroshima and the Basque Country. Lastly, the President of the Basque Country received the Mayor of Hiroshima and together they planted a sapling grown from the A-bomb tree in Hiroshima in the Park of the Peoples of Europe.

JAM Global conceived this symbolic visit, planning the agenda and organising the event with the collaboration of the Gernika Gogoratuz Peace Foundation. We continue to play a lead role in the development of this important global relationship.