‘Eroski’ is a retail workers-consumers cooperative Spanish supermarket chain and it it part of Mondragon Corporation. Eroski was founded in 1969. The name Eroski comes from the Basque words Eroski (buying) Toki (place), meaning “the place for buying”. With roughly 2,000 stores domestic and abroad, Eroski is one of the strongest supermarkets companies in Spain.

On February 18th-21th, 2019, JAM Global facilitated the visit to Hiroshima and Tokyo of a partner and representative of Eroski. The purpose of the visit to Hiroshima was to browse and select Japanese food products to be imported and sold in Eroski supermarkets in Spain and the Basque Country.

During the four-day visit, we participated in the ’Fine Food & Sake HIROSHIMA 2019’, a trading event sponsored by JETRO Hiroshima. Moreover, we also had meetings with the Hiroshima city hall officials, Hiroshima COOP, Ministry of Trade and Industry, and Mr. Koichiro Miyake, CEO of Naorai and a local social entrepreneur.

The result of the four-day visit was satisfactory: international connections were made, and Eroski identified products with potential and went back to Basque full of inspiration. International collaborations, sales, and events promoting Japanese gastronomy could be seen on the way.