On the 27th of April, 2017, in Bilbao, JAM&MBA Global organized the the first Algeria-Basque Joint Business Promotion Event, in cooperation with the Basque business development agency “SPRI.”

The event focused mainly on the agro-food industry of both countries, and the general business perspective of Algeria was introduced to more than 40 Basque Companies that participated in the event. The companies had the chance to meet and develop relationships with the Algerian companies that were participating at the same time in an economic visit to the Basque Country also organized by JAM&MBA Global, in order to introduce the Basque market to the top Algerian agro-food industry companies.

The event was held in Torre Iberdrola in Bilbao, and our CEO, Mohamed Akbache introduced the Basque Company representatives to our services and activity in Algeria. Together with Mr. Akbache, Algeria-Spain Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Mr. Djamel Eddine BOUABDALLAH and Mr. Riad Amour, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Algeria and president of the Amour Group, talked about the business perspectives in Algeria. In the name of the Basque Government, Ms. Leire Intxauxti, the head of the Africa market for SPRI and Mr. Jon Ander Egaña, the General Manager of the Basque Food Industry Cluster, spoke about the Basque agro-food industry.